Initial worsening? What now?

Since switching to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, I’ve experienced an initial worsening of my skin condition. What should I do?

Tight skin upon switching to the oil-free night care range or more blemishes when you use our Clarifying Day Oil: this is how your skin might react in some cases when using Dr. Hauschka Skin Care for the first time. In exceptional cases, you will experience this phase of initial worsening. As a matter of fact, initial worsening is not really the right term. Actually, an initial feeling of tight skin or increased blemishes, which are experienced by some upon switching, simply show that the skin is actively reacting to the change of skin care products. This change is a positive one. The result is balanced skin which will make you feel good about yourself. See our tips here on how you can help your skin through this transition stage.

How can I make a good start with the Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care regime?

A feeling of dryness and tight skin are possible reactions when switching to our oil-free night care products, which you may experience as an initial worsening. To switch you need to start somewhere: think of it as saying goodbye to “the more, the better”. You’ll see that with oil-free night-time products, your skin will automatically receive more attention and respect and find its way back more easily to its natural rhythm. At the beginning, it takes a little time to adjust. To help the transition and prepare your skin optimally for the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept, we recommend that you start with one of our ampoule treatments over a brief period of 28 days. After this time, you skin will have been completely renewed and is perfectly prepared for the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept.

How will my skin change when I switch to the oil-free night care range?

Your skin will be reawakened and visibly refreshed. It will glow from inside out. There may be a slight shine on your skin, even if you haven’t used cream on your face in the evening. You will come to appreciate the nightly lipid metabolism of your skin; an observation that you cannot make with an all-round oil-based skin care product.

If my skin feels tight in the evening, is that a sign that I need an oil-based night cream?

No. Your skin is showing you that it is stimulated. That it is waking up and is actively embarking on the regeneration process. So you should take the feeling of tightness as a good sign and trust that it will soon wear off. This only happens during the transition phase and has normally gone completely by morning.

What can I do about this feeling of tightness in the evening?

Be patient with the brief feeling of tightness and give your skin time to adjust. With a moisturising face mask at the end of the day (which you should remove before going to bed) or an ampoule treatment before bedtime, you will help your skin to find its natural balance again.

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Initial worsening experienced as blemishes caused by Clarifying Day Oil

Our Clarifying Day Oil works according to the “law of similars”. A composition of medicinal plant extracts and six nourishing oils address the needs of impure, oily skin by sending a signal to the skin to slow down its own oil production. If more blemishes appear on your skin in the first days to weeks, this is a sign that your skin is undergoing a self-cleansing process and will eventually be normalised. Any additional blemishes, which you experience as an initial worsening, may appear when “degreasing” or “suppressing” preparations are used beforehand. In this case, to soften the cleansing process, you can reduce the amount of Clarifying Day Oil a little or mix it with Revitalising Day Lotion or Revitalising Mask.

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