Look for the evening

Big Sensation

Expressive, modern and creative. 
Your step-by-step guide to a dramatic, colourful look for the evening.


Apply Eye Definer 01 Black to the inner and outer parts of the upper and lower eyelid edges to accentuate the eyes’ shape. Use the applicator on the end of the pen to soften the line.

Dr. Hauschka kajal eye pencil - Eye Definer
Eye Definer
Content 1,05 g


Apply the lightest shade from the Eyeshadow Trio 03 Ametrine from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the movable lid.


To create an expressive look with great depth, apply the darkest shade from the Eyeshadow Trio 03 Ametrine to the lower and upper outer corners of the eye.


Prepare your complexion with the appropriate Foundation for your skin tone. Then set with Loose Powder. Follow with Light Reflecting Concealer to add highlights Accentuate the eyebrows with the shades from the Eye & Brow Palette.


Dab the middle shade from the Eyeshadow Trio 03 Ametrine onto the brow bones and the upper and lower edges of the eyelids.


Apply Eyeshadow 06 white opal to the area below the eyebrows as a highlight.

Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow 06 white opal
Content 1,4 g


For an expressive yet soft eye make-up finish, apply Volume Mascara 03 Plum to the upper and lower lashes.


Apply Blush to the upper cheekbones.

Dr. Hauschka Blush 02 apricot 100% natural cosmetics
Content 5 g


For even greater radiance, apply Lip Gloss 03 Blackberry to the lips.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Gloss blackberry
Lip Gloss
Content 4,5 ml
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