Regenerating Intensive Treatment

specialised care for mature skin

Wonderfully revitalising: Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment.

If you wish to give your mature skin an extra invigorating boost, we recommend our Regenerating Intensive Treatment. With its rhythmitised composition, it activates the skin and helps it to retain its moisture. Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment guides your skin back to a state of harmonious balance. You will soon notice how your skin even shines from within.

While using Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatment, there’s no need to use your usual Facial Toner or Regenerating Serum.

Skin condition / Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment

For mature skin with wrinkles and weakened regenerative ability

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Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment
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Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatments are formulated for skin that has lost its natural balance and requires focused care. Regenerating Intensive Treatment is an activating intensive care product for skin prone to wrinkles and dryness.
Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of madonna lily, gingko and hawthorn work with gemstones blue tourmaline, amber as well as gold to support your skin’s natural processes of renewal.

Skin condition

For mature skin with wrinkles and regeneration weaknesses

Ingredients Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment

Water (Aqua), Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Wood Extract, Mineral Salts, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract¹, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract¹, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract¹, Crataegus Monogyna Fruit/Leaf Extract¹, Althaea Officinalis Leaf Extract¹, Gold¹, Amber Powder¹, Tourmaline¹, Royal Jelly¹, Honey (Mel)¹, Glycerin, Alcohol, Lactose.

¹in rhythmitised dilution *from natural essential oils




Usage Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment

Skin cells are renewed every 28 days. Mirroring this same regenerative cycle, Regenerating Intensive Treatment should be used as skin care for 28 days.Regenerating Intensive Treatment works most effectively when used four times a year as a stimulus.
After morning and evening cleansing, mist 4-5 pumps onto the face, neck and décolleté then gently press into the skin. One bottle should provide a full 28 day course.


This Intensive Treatment is intended to complement your daily holistic skin care routine. Continue to cleanse, tone and moisturize daily using Dr.Hauschka preparations such as Cleansing Cream, Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Day Cream, Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream and Regenerating Eye Cream.
In addition, we recommend an intensive skin care routine once or twice a week with Clarifying Steam Bath, Clarifying Clay Mask and Firming Mask.


  • 100 % CO₂-neutral operations at our head office in Eckwälden. Unavoidable CO₂ emissions are offset through atmosfair.
  • More than 80 % of our plant-based raw materials are organically cultivated. Genuine, strictly certified organic farming protects our waters, strengthens the fertility of the soil and supports biodiversity.
  • 70 % of our fresh plants are regionally sourced. The short transport distances are better for both the quality of the raw materials and the environment.
  • Good for the skin, good for the world: We are invest in raw materials partnerships all around the world, providing interest-free loans and enabling local farmers to pay fair wages.
  • Our packaging goals: 1. Product protection; 2. Material savings; 3. Recyclability; 4. Use of recycled materials.


Packaging materials and recycling codes.

Secondary packaging.
Folding box. Made from 100 % recyclable material from sustainable forestry (FSC). Conversion to 100  % recycled material (FSC) is underway.

Package insert.
Paper. 100 % recycled material. Blue Angel-certified.



Plastic. Intensive treatments caps: Conversion to 95 % recycled material (PCR) is underway.

Primary packaging.
Glass. Conversion to glass with at least 30 % recycled material (PCR) is in the planning stages.


General recycling information.

  • Do not rinse out packaging like bottles, containers and tubes.
  • Unscrew/remove the lid/seal.
  • Enter all packaging components into the designated recyclable materials cycle – i.e., glass in the glass bin, paper and cardboard in the paper bin, and plastic, pumps, metal and composite materials in the recyclable waste bin (the yellow bin in Germany).

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September 2022

Intensiv Kur

Na ja, leider kommt es mir vor wie wenn ich Wasser spritze. Kein Effekt, kein Glow, nur matte Haut die danach zieht. Für denn Preis, meine Meinung, kann man sich was besseres holen

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Dr. Hauschka Team 7 Sep 2022

Die Dr. Hauschka Ampullen- und Intensivkuren unterstützen den 28-Tage-Rhythmus Ihrer Haut – also einen ganzen Regenerationszyklus. Als Impulsgeber erinnern sie die Haut an ihre Erneuerungsprozesse, normalisieren die Hautfunktionen und bringen sie zurück in ihr natürliches Gleichgewicht. Dem Regenerationsrhythmus der Haut sollte die Intensivkur Regeneration als 28-Tage-Kur anstelle der stärkenden Basisnachtpflege angewendet werden. Pro Lebensjahrzehnt empfehlen wir eine Kur pro Jahr, z. B. im Alter von 40 Jahren viermal im Jahr. Im Intensivkur-Zeitraum bitte das Gesichtstonikum und Regeneration Tag und Nachtserum morgens durch die Intensivkur Regeneration oder die Intensivkur spezial ersetzen. Tragen Sie morgens im Anschluss an die Kur die Tagespflege auf.

Wenn ihre Haut abends spannt, zeigt sie Ihnen damit, dass sie sich regt. Dass sie aufwacht und wieder aktiver in den Regenerationsprozess einsteigt. Das Spannungsgefühl dürfen Sie also als gutes Zeichen werten und darauf vertrauen, dass es sich bald legt. Es tritt nur in der Umstellungsphase auf und hat sich in der Regel am Morgen völlig gelegt. Lassen Sie das kurzfristige Spannungsgefühl zu und Ihrer Haut Zeit für die Umstellung. Mit einer pflegenden Maske am Ende des Tages (die Sie bitte vor dem Schlafengehen abnehmen) helfen Sie Ihrer Haut, in ihr natürliches Gleichgewicht zurückzufinden.

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