Live from Eckwälden - our trial set for dry, reddened skin contains three travel-size products that cover Dr. Hauschka’s three skin care steps: The Cleansing Cream gently removes any dirt, then our tried-and-tested Facial Toner refreshes and strengthens the skin. Finally, the Rose Day Cream forms a protective layer that moistures and prevents it from drying out.
Live from Berlin - Tainá Moreno, what does #effectivetogether mean to you? shot by @lottermannfuentes @tainamoreno
Live from Berlin - Eva Gronbach, what does #effectivetogether mean to you? shot by @lottermannfuentes @evagronbach
Live from LA - Vanessa Fuentes, what does #effectivetogether mean to you? shot by @lottermannfuentes
Live from the “Calendar of the Soul” – our version of a “Monday Quote”, written by Dr. Rudolf Steiner for this very week, one hundred years ago. He inspired the life and the work of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, but also the ideas of Demeter organic farming and Waldorf education. Even today, here at Dr. Hauschka many of us are still inspired by his words. Have a wonderful week, going your own way with verse no. 14: 'Surrendered to the Senses' revelation I lost all impulse of my own; The Thinking-dream, it seemed Benumbing me, of Self to rob me. Yet, rousing, now draws near In sense-world's glory, Cosmic Thinking.' Original version by Rudolf Steiner: 'An Sinnesoffenbarung hingegeben Verlor ich Eigenwesens trieb, Gedankentraum, er schien Betäubend mir das Selbst zu rauben, Doch weckend nahet schon Im Sinnenschein mir Weltendenken.'
Live from Berlin - Emily Atef, what does #effectivetogether mean to you? shot by @lottermannfuentes @emily.atef
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Wir laden Sie ein in den Kosmos unserer Kosmetik.
Unsere Pflanzen, unsere Menschen, unsere Welt.
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