Skin conditions guide.

The skin's needs can change over time. For example, the way you care for your skin in summer is likely to be different from what it needs in winter. That’s why at Dr. Hauschka we focus on skin conditions, which can fluctuate, as opposed to the idea of a fixed skin type. So pay attention to your complexion and the signals it sends, external influences and internal conditions. Recognise what your skin needs right now and discover the ideal facial care.



Dull skin

Do you feel fresh and well rested, but your skin looks dull and tired? Is your complexion tired and lacklustre even after a holiday in the sun? Dull skin can be due to many factors.

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Oily skin

Ratgeber Fettige Haut

Is your skin often shiny? Do you have impurities like blackheads, enlarged pores and indurations? Your skin tries to balance and regulate itself, but ends up overreacting.

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Impure skin

Ratgeber Unreine Haut

Oily skin? Spots and blackheads? When our skin loses its composure, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care helps it regain its balance. And with the right ingredients, even make-up isn’t out of the question. Discover how blemished skin can rediscover its natural inner radiance.

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Dehydrated skin

Ratgeber Feuchtigkeitsarme Haut

If your skin is lacking moisture, it will feel tight. Often that can be quickly remedied, but sometimes the dryness persists.

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Normal skin

Ratgeber Normale Haut

Uncomplicated skin tends not to react sensitively to environmental factors. With the right cosmetics, you can help your skin to retain this natural balance.

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Couperose-prone skin

Ratgeber Couperose und Rosazea

Rosy cheeks may make you think of a fresh and healthy complexion, but the reality can be quite different: Small visible blood vessels make your cheeks and the area around your nose appear red.

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Combination skin

Ratgeber Mischhaut

Your skin has multiple personalities and is anything but one-dimensional. Clear pores in places, spots and blackheads in others, or dry patches alongside oily patches.

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Mature skin

Dr. Hauschka Lip Liner natural cosmetics

As your skin becomes increasingly demanding, give it the gift of special attention and smoothness you can feel: The Dr. Hauschka Regenerating range cares for your skin with its creamy textures and supports mature skin that is losing firmness and elasticity.

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Very dry skin, atopic dermatitis

People that suffer from very dry skin or atopic dermatitis are all too familiar with recurring phases of itchy, flaky skin. The systematic medical skin care developed by Dr. Hauschka Med provides the skin with extra help and support. The effectiveness of such skin care systems has been scientifically confirmed.

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Dry skin

Ratgeber Trockene Haut

Not all dry skin is the same. For some, their skin is generally uncomplicated and only occasionally becomes taut or prone to redness. For others, the dryness is persistent and the skin requires constant care and protection.

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