Make-up brush

Essential & distinctive.

Make-up brushes are essential beauty tools. Each of ours is perfectly shaped for the professional application of Dr. Hauschka’s natural pigments, liquid textures and delicate powders. Each has its own distinctive brush head.

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Blusher make-up, Dr. Hauschka Blusher Brush Blusher Brush
  • tulip-shaped brush head
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • for applying blusher and bronzer
  • ideal for contouring
Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer Brush Eye Definer Brush
  • short, slanted brush head
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • for precise application
  • for professional accents
Large Dr. Hauschka eye make-up brush for the easy application and blending of eyeshadow Eyeshadow Blender Brush
  • large brush head
  • made from synthetic hairs
  • enables the even application of eyeshadow
  • ideal for blending
Dr. Hauschka Foundation Brush Foundation Brush
  • flat, slanted brush head
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • for the even application of foundation
  • creates soft transitions
Dr. Hauschka Lip Brush Lip Brush
  • flat, narrow brush head
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • for the precise application of lip colour
  • for colour-intensive lips
Large make-up brush - Buy Dr. Hauschka Powder Brush Powder Brush
  • soft, large brush head
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • for the even application of powder
  • for a naturally matte complexion
Dr. Hauschka Kabuki Brush Kabuki Brush
  • for appling powder
  • made with synthetic hairs
  • ideal for travelling
  • for a short term only

The right brush for every stroke.

The shape of a make-up brush says a lot about its purpose. Our collection includes a Powder Brush with a large, slanted head, a tulip-shaped Blusher Brush, a precise Lip Brush, a Foundation Brush with a short, slanted head, a classic Eyeshadow Blender Brush, and an Eye Definer Brush with an extra short head.

Brushes for every make-up look.

Our make-up brushes are designed for ease of use and perfect application. The high-quality wood sits comfortably in the hand while the soft synthetic hairs are easy to clean and retain the perfect shape for their purpose. All Dr. Hauschka make-up brushes are vegan.