Holistic Skin Care

We do things differently.

Our skin looks after itself and renews itself. Cosmetics can and should not take these tasks away from it. The Dr. Hauschka concept aims to cleanse, tone, moisturise and beautify, while also considering the skin’s natural day/night rhythm.

We particularly believe in the importance of stimulating night care. As we come to rest, a period of regeneration begins. The skin should be able to breathe freely during this – and it cannot do so if trapped under a greasy layer. Despite this, we are relatively alone in our recommendation. And are therefore only able to sell half the amount of cream as others.

Skin conditions instead of skin types

Dr. Hauschka Skin conditions instead of skin types

You and your skin cannot be rigidly pigeon-holed. You need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life.

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Essential everyday skin care for the morning

The skin is our largest organ – and one that is regulated with the utmost precision. It follows different rhythms and has different needs.

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Essential everyday skin care for the evening

Are you aware of this little secret? When you sleep at night, your skin is very much awake. We follow this alternating rhythm every day of our lives.

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Regenerating care instead of anti-ageing

Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care range offers demanding, mature skin the special attention it requires: revitalising impulses for skin over 40 and firming care for mature skin over 50 or 60.

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Sun Care

The right sun care lets us enjoy the sun in a healthy and carefree way.

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Intensive skin care

For when your skin requires a little more attention, boost your everyday skin care routine with our face masks and intensive treatments.

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Natural body care

Dr. Hauschka Natural body care

Warmth and devoted attention. A little time to focus on yourself. To get in touch with yourself and relax to the very tips of your toes. Sounds like a spa break? In some ways, it is.

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Dr. Hauschka hair care

Dr. Hauschka hair care

We care for hair, too. Our hair care range is 100% natural – effective care for scalp and hair.

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Medical care for dry scalps

Was tun bei trockener Kopfhaut?

Do you suffer from a dry, sensitive, itchy scalp? Enjoy the relaxing effects of the special scalp and hair care from Dr. Hauschka MED. Also suitable for atopic dermatitis.

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Gorgeous for you, good for the world: our make-up is pure nature.

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