Advice on impure skin


Dr. Hauschka skin care for impure skin. We understand your skin.

The skin is a window to the soul. Those who feel calm and clear on the inside radiate this inner peace outwards. But stress and a hectic lifestyle can disrupt our skin‘s balance. The result is often an outbreak of spots and blackheads.

Our skin looks after and renews itself every day as part of its natural abilities. But when it falls out of step, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care can help support and restore the skin’s innate activities. Valuable medicinal plants and the best natural substances cleanse, tone and moisturise in a way that mimics the skin’s natural processes.

Blemished skin is given harmonising and regulating impulses to help it rediscover a state of balance.

The result is a pure, clear and fine-pored complexion that your skin knows how to maintain.


Uniquely Dr. Hauschka.

There are many reasons that Dr. Hauschka is unique. We recommend using a facial oil on oily skin and do not believe in scrubs. We purposefully break the mould with our approach. Because we know what unbalanced skin really needs: Support that encourages it to provide for and renew itself from the inside out. Every product in the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care range is packed with valuable medicinal plants in carefully developed compositions, premium-quality natural substances and knowledge from scientific research. Wherever possible, we obtain all of our natural ingredients from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation under fair trade conditions. 

Why do blemishes occur?

When skin is out of balance, the glands in the subcutis produce more oil than is necessary. At the same time, there is increased cornification of the excretory duct shared by the hair and sebaceous glands.

This cornified skin and oil form a plug known as a blackhead (comedo). If it opens, it oxidises and turns black.

If it stays closed, germs can multiply and irritate the tissue of the dermis. First, a red nodule develops (a spot), then a pustule with a yellow head.


Individual care for individual needs.

Even blemished skin cannot be pigeonholed as a single “type”. Skin is in a constant state of change depending on the day, location, season and phase of life. The Dr. Hauschka concept takes these individual, changing needs into account and addresses all skin conditions. We have developed at-home skin care regimes for your face and body that are carefully tailored to different skin conditions. 




Place your skin in good hands.

Blemished skin often requires patient and professional care. Dr. Hauschka estheticians know what‘s good for your skin. A gentle, cleansing facial treatment with a Dr. Hauschka esthetician not only soothes inflamed skin, but also addresses the stressed soul.


Resist the urge to squeeze.

Trying to get rid of spots and blackheads by hand can result in worsened inflammation and even scarring. So even if it’s difficult to resist: please don’t squeeze!


Always remove your make-up.

Be sure to thoroughly remove your make-up before going to bed. Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk and Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-up Remover cleanse the skin of dirt and make-up while also providing gentle care.


Hand towels and pillows

Use separate towels for the face and for the hands/body. Pillow cases should be changed regularly, as they often accumulate remnants of hair products.


Do not use skin peels.

Our skin is protected from external influences by an outermost layer of dead cells called the stratum corneum. A scrub can remove this natural and important protective barrier.

To compensate for this lack, the skin responds with increased cornification.

This means that regular scrubs and peels can cause the upper layer of skin to thicken and for skin to become dry.


Make-up for impure skin.

With the right products, applying make-up to blemished skin is not a problem. Start by covering blemishes and redness with our Coverstick. You can then apply Dr. Hauschka Foundation or Dr. Hauschka Translucent Face Powder. Neither of these products clog the pores. Important: Always use clean, disinfected make-up brushes.


Eat a healthy diet.

Low-fat foods such as fish, vegetables, raw vegetables and wholemeal bread are not only good for your physical well-being – they are also good for a clear complexion. Avoid sugar and sweetened drinks as much as possible and try to get plenty of exercise, preferably in the fresh air.

Dr. Hauschka products for impure skin


What causes impure skin?

We accept spots and blemishes as part of being a teenager. But when we reach adulthood, we realise that the end of puberty does not automatically mean the beginning of a clear complexion. One in every four women aged 25 to 45 has blemishes. This can be the result of a predisposition or an unhealthy lifestyle. But skin impurities can also be caused by mental and physical stress, medication or climate changes. They can emerge in times of hormonal imbalance, i.e. during pregnancy or the menopause.

It’s also worth considering your skin care routine. Are you using the right products for your skin? Products that are not suitable for your skin condition may encourage the development of blemishes, spots and blackheads.


Our botanical experts in clear skin.

Rhythmised extracts from medicinal plants are at the core of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. They act as stimuli, encouraging your skin’s natural abilities precisely when and where it is in need of support.


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