Medical scalp and hair care

Scalp care that has cleaned up its act.

Dr. Hauschka MED considers the scalp’s individual needs: two shampoos and a mask support your dry, itchy or simply sensitive scalp – with particularly effective medicinal plant extracts and a high content of lipid-replenishing oils. For a relaxed scalp and gently cleaned hair.

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Dr. Hauschka MED Ice Plant Shampoo – mild shampoo Ice Plant Shampoo
  • for dry, sensitive scalps
  • daily basic care, also in the case of atopic dermatitis
  • nourishes and gently cleanses
  • very well tolerated
Content 150 ml
Dr. Hauschka MED Rhassoul Cream Shampoo Rhassoul Cream Shampoo
  • for very dry, itchy, flaky scalps
  • intensive scalp care, also in the case of atopic dermatitis
  • particularly gentle cleansing
  • quickly soothes itching
Content 150 ml
Dr. Hauschka MED Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask
  • for very dry, itchy, flaky scalps
  • intensive scalp care, also in the case of atopic dermatitis
  • alleviates dry skin
  • soothes the scalp with lasting effect
Content 25 ml

Systematic scalp care: combine two shampoos and a scalp mask.

Dry scalps express themselves in different ways. Our systematic medical care addresses them accordingly:

Daily basic care: If you have a more sensitive scalp or want to moisturise your dry scalp, we recommend you use the very well tolerated Ice Plant Shampoo.

Stabilising intensive care: If your scalp needs more due to itching or flaking, for example, you can switch to our intensive scalp care line. Rhassoul Cream Shampoo noticeably soothes the scalp and quickly alleviates itching whereas Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask offers sustainably stable balance – as protection directly before washing the hair or an intensive treatment left to act for longer overnight.


Not just for atopic dermatitis: scalp care from Dr. Hauschka MED.

Our scalp and hair care range has been specially developed for the needs of very dry scalps prone to atopic dermatitis. The products are deliberately unperfumed and also suitable for those with sensitive scalps. However, they also sooth your scalp if it has become temporarily unbalanced due to severe heat or cold, dry air from central heating, chlorinated water or stress. In other words, you can use our medical scalp care products as needed – individually or combined for an intensified effect.

Usage tip: the Dr. Hauschka MED shampoos wash your hair particularly gently and therefore create a modest lather. Despite this, they go a long way and are effective.


Our scalp care: certified natural cosmetics, dermatologically tested.

Like all of our cosmetics, the Dr. Hauschka MED products are also certified by NATRUE as natural cosmetics. You can rest assured that the mild surfactants are plant based and all the shampoos are free from silicones. What’s more, we use particularly effective medicinal plant extracts. For our scalp care, we primarily select moisture-activating ice plant and resilient juniper. Strengthening pumpkin seeds and mineral-rich rhassoul are also used, as well as nourishing botanical oils and waxes. We deliberately dispense with fragrances. The excellent skin tolerability of Dr. Hauschka MED Scalp Care has been dermatologically confirmed, including for people prone to atopic dermatitis.