Subtle companions

When situations make you break out in a sweat, it’s good to have a subtle and reliable companion by your side. The Dr. Hauschka deodorants are happy to take on this role – without irritating the skin or staining your clothes.

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Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant Naturally formulated aluminium-free roll-on deodorant Rose Deodorant
  • roll-on deodorant with no aluminium salts
  • respects the skin’s natural flora
  • does not stain clothing
  • for normal to sensitive skin
Content 50 ml
Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant: natural, aluminium-free deodorant Sage Mint Deodorant
  • roll-on deodorant with no aluminium salts
  • very gentle on the skin
  • does not stain clothing
Content 50 ml
Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder: luxurious care Silk Body Powder
  • talc-free body powder
  • lightly deodorising
  • soothes itching
  • highly versatile
Content 50 g
Dr. Hauschka Deodorising Foot Cream: controls odour and excessive perspiration Deodorising Foot Cream
  • absorbs moisture
  • refreshes the feet
  • promotes healthy skin flora
  • protects against pressure points
Content 30 ml

Deodorants with no aluminium salts

Dr. Hauschka deodorants use carefully aligned natural ingredients and offer gentle, long-lasting protection. We consciously avoid the use of pore-constricting aluminium salts and achieve the deodorising yet nourishing effect of our deodorants through ingredients such as valuable vegetable oils and medicinal plant extracts, for example lady’s mantle and witch hazel. The good skin compatibility of both of the Dr. Hauschka deodorants has been confirmed by user tests.

Also deodorising: foot cream and body powder

Dr. Hauschka Deodorising Foot Cream has been specially designed for sweaty feet. It absorbs moisture, refreshes the feet and protects the skin against rubbing and pressure sores. You will also appreciate our deodorant for the feet if you regularly wear trainers, work boots or hiking boots. If you are prone to highly sensitive skin, Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder is the deodorant for you. The delicate composition of pure silk and extracts of sage, gentian and oak bark offers reliable protection, stabilises the skin flora and gently deodorises.

Our deodorants take their scent from natural oils

Do you prefer floral elegance or herbal freshness? Natural essential oils from rose petals in Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant, sage, mint or rosemary in Sage Mint Deodorant determine the scent of the Dr. Hauschka deodorants and add the finishing touches to our protective and nourishing compositions. An overview of all ingredients can be found in the detailed product description for your deodorant.

Perspiration is important – and so too is a good deodorant

The body perspires in order to regulate its temperature, expel metabolic products and supplement the skin’s natural protective layer. Perspiration is so important that our body has two to three million sweat glands. Sweat itself is actually odourless. Its typical odour only arises when it is broken down by bacteria on the skin. This is particularly the case in the armpits, where the number of sweat glands is especially high. As our armpit skin is extremely sensitive, a good deodorant should not only be reliable, but also be kind to the skin.