Dr. Hauschka natural skin care for your baby
Times of intimate bonds

A baby is the epitome of innocence, purity and love, and relies purely on its parents’ care. There is little so soft as a baby’s skin and babies experience their first contact with their mother and the environment via their skin, through touch. Midwife Annette Kiefer explains why she does not generally recommend care products for new borns’ healthy skin: “There is little so soft as a baby’s skin. I recommend simply washing babies with water and bathing them once a week once the umbilical cord has fallen off. Babies are usually 10-14 days old at this point and are delighted to be bathed in a warm bathroom while happily lying in their mother or father’s hands. If the mother has a great deal of breast milk, this can be used as a natural bath essence.”

Once babies are several months old and have more contact with their environment, skin care products such as the rich Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream can help protect them against the cold wind, for example. Dr. Hauschka’s harmonising Rose Nurturing Bath Essence is equally suitable for infants and small children.

From three months, a baby massage is a particularly enjoyable form of contact with your child. In this regard, Annette Kiefer highlights the natural qualities of Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil: “The carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and delicate, natural rose fragrance make this body oil the ideal product. It envelops the child in a warming, protective layer.”

Take good care of yourself and your little one and enjoy tender moments of togetherness.


Are there any products which are also suitable for babies?

The products we particularly recommend for babies are:



Dr. Hauschka: Natural Skin Care for Babies

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