Make-up sponges

For applying, blending and cleansing.

While our egg-shaped Make-up sponge blender is perfect for working in Foundation, the flat Cosmetic Sponge makes cleansing your face a breeze.

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Dr. Hauschka make-up sponge blender Make-up sponge blender
  • for foundation and concealer
  • for easy application and blending
  • Make-up egg
  • washable at 60 degrees
Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic Sponge - for removing make-up and cleansing Cosmetic Sponge
  • skin-friendly cosmetic sponge
  • made from natural fibres
  • cleanses the face
  • removes face masks and make-up

What’s the best tool for the job? Brush, fingers, or make-up sponge?

There are various techniques for applying Foundation – and which one you choose is largely down to personal preference. But as a basic guide: use a brush like the Dr. Hauschka Foundation Brush for very precise application, use your fingers for a more natural finish, and use a sponge like our Make-up Sponge Blender for particularly even coverage.


The egg-shaped sponge everyone’s talking about.

Beauty blender, make-up egg – this little sponge goes by many names. The wider end is for applying Foundation over a larger area, while the pointed tip is useful for hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and for blending Concealer. The Dr. Hauschka Make-up Sponge Blender has very fine pores and is washable at 60 degrees.


We also have a sponge for cleansing the face.

The second make-up sponge from Dr. Hauschka fulfils the opposite task, you could say: our Cosmetic Sponge cleanses the face by gently removing make-up and face masks. This sponge is also washable at 60 degrees.