Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar: The calendar contains 24 Dr. Hauschka products that promise to bring clarity or strength, relaxation or refreshment, inspiration or Regeneration

Joy of Advent

Join us for a relaxed, contemplative and pampering Advent season: with our popular Advent calendar, precious winter gift sets and selected products in a wintery design. Indulge in luxurious textures, valuable ingredients and sensual fragrances.

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Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum

Beautifully natural.

Feel good in your own skin. And show that this is a natural feeling at every stage of life: in the here and now as well as tomorrow. The Regenerating Serum from the Dr. Hauschka regenerating skin care range leaves your skin feeling noticeably firmer and refined, providing revitalising and strengthening care for mature skin.

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Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic

Dr. Hauschka Kosmos

How does the Dr. Hauschka regeneration series work?

Skin ageing is a completely natural process. And it can’t be stopped. But, a care product that supports the skin’s natural activities can slow it down. No care product can reverse the skin’s ageing process, so we don’t talk about anti-ageing products. Be ready to take on the day with the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care series that gives mature, demanding skin the support it needs for more vitality.

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