Dr. Hauschka treatments with estheticians

The art of touch.

Valuable skin care products and mindful touch are inextricably linked. After all, nothing has more direct contact with us than the skin care we apply. Dr. Hauschka estheticians are masters in using the fine art of touch to make people feel comfortable and at ease. With skilled hands and using the rhythmic alternation of rest and movement, warmth and coolness, touching and letting go, they convey a deep sense of security and relaxation.

A treatment with a Dr. Hauschka esthetician is as relaxing as a wellness weekend. And you can even treat yourself on a Monday! Discover the art of touch and experience the unique effects of a Dr. Hauschka treatment.

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Facial treatment.

A Dr. Hauschka facial treatment is a symbiosis of nourishing skin care and focused attention. Valuable ingredients applied using gentle, soothing touch activate the skin’s own powers and strengthen it from within. Your skin receives intensive nourishment, care and vitality.

Our facial treatments leave you and your skin glowing. And as we know: beauty is the radiance that shines from within when you feel good in your skin.

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Body treatment.

What makes a Dr. Hauschka body treatment different to a classic massage? It requires no devices or needles, no wringing, squeezing or kneading. Instead, it’s about stimulating, surrendering, touching and letting go: gentle touches inspired by rhythmic massage and strokes from the feet to the tips of the hair strengthen the body’s own rhythms and serve to balance, calm and centre.

You will leave your treatment full of power and vitality, and feeling a sense of lightness and renewed energy.

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Mindful touch not only cares for the skin; it also connects with the person’s soul.





First the feet are bathed, then the hands get to work.

Most of our treatments begin with a foot bath. After that, all the work is done by hand. Using gentle touch and fine brushes, the estheticians make rhythmic contact with the skin and perform repeated releasing movements to boost the skin’s processes. Your Dr. Hauschka esthetician will tailor the products used to your personal skin condition, imparting the value of deep relaxation and effective impulses – and thereby increasing your skin’s ability to maintain its beauty all by itself.


A conversation between the hands and the body.

For your Dr. Hauschka treatment, you place yourself entirely in the hands of a stranger. We thank you for this trust by letting you set the tone of the treatment. Do you long for soothing peace? Do you feel like talking? Maintaining the right balance of closeness and distance, the esthetician remains fully aware of you and your individual needs. This ensures you feel not only the superficial skin contact, but experience a far deeper effect.




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Good self-care balances the body, mind and soul – and lets your inner harmony shine through in the form of outer beauty. Choose from our wide range of facial and body treatments to find what you need to feel good and radiant today.



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