Tips for combating dry scalps

Relaxation for your scalp.

Whether an updo in summer or a woolly hat in winter: do things that others wear whenever they like give you an irritated scalp and itchy, flaky spots?

Possible causes of dry scalps.

A dry scalp can be associated with generally dry or very dry skin as well as with atopic dermatitis. However, the scalp may also just be temporarily reacting to the cold in winter, heat in summer, dry air from central heating, being washed in excessively hot water, the use of too hot a hair dryer setting, intensive styling, fragrances or chlorinated water. Stress can also trigger a dry scalp.


Looking for tips on combating a dry scalp? What you can do to prevent scalp dryness:


1) Moderate heat:

Heat is a major irritant for dry scalps. You should therefore wash your hair in tepid water and select the lowest possible temperature for your hair dryer. Ideally, you should leave your hair to dry naturally.


2) Balanced diet:

A balanced diet plays an important part in restoring balance to you and your dry scalp. Please also drink plenty of fluids as they supply your skin with moisture.


3) Relaxation:

As stress can increase the risk of irritated skin, take breaks to relax during everyday life to prevent a dry, itchy scalp. This will also have the added bonus of improving your general wellbeing.


4) Gentle care:

Try to avoid washing your hair every day. You should also opt for natural care products that clean the hair with mild, plant-based surfactants or rhassoul and do not extract any moisture from your dry scalp.

scalp and hair care from Dr. Hauschka MED

Systematic medical care for dry scalps: Dr. Hauschka MED.

The medical care products from Dr. Hauschka MED have been specifically developed to meet the needs of people with very dry skin prone to atopic dermatitis. The three scalp and hair care products can restore balance to your dry scalp and enhance your quality of life.


Studies have confirmed the high efficacy and tolerability.

The systematic medical care range from Dr. Hauschka MED has been developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings in cooperation with dermatologists, estheticians, test institutes and universities. The products have been specially designed for and tested by people with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis. The result of these scientific studies: all products are superbly effective and very well tolerated, even by children.


100% certified natural cosmetics for dry scalps.

We use special medicinal plants, especially ice plant and juniper, for medicinal scalp care from Dr. Hauschka MED. Moisturising botanical oils and – depending on the products – mild plant-based surfactants, rhassoul or pumpkin seed flour work in conjunction with the medicinal plants to unfurl their cleansing, moisturising and strengthening properties. As certified natural cosmetics, the products are free from silicones, synthetic dyes and preservatives, PEG and mineral oils. The Dr. Hauschka MED products are deliberately unfragranced and suitable even for people with sensitive scalps.


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Dr. Hauschka MED Ice Plant Shampoo – mild shampoo Ice Plant Shampoo 150 ml
mild, daily cleansing nourishes dry, sensitive scalps, also in the case of atopic dermatitis
Dr. Hauschka MED Rhassoul Cream Shampoo Rhassoul Cream Shampoo 150 ml
gentle cleansing, quickly soothes very dry, itchy, flaky scalps, also in the case of atopic dermatitis
Dr. Hauschka MED Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask 25 ml
intensive scalp care, provides lasting relief from very dry, itchy, flaky scalps, including in the case of atopic dermatitis