For timelessly beautiful eyes.

Kajal is one of the oldest make-up products around. Emphasise the beauty of your eyes Cleopatra-style!

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Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer nude Eye Definer nude
  • soft kajal eye pencil
  • makes the eyes shine
  • nourishes the skin around the eyes
  • available in one bright skin tone
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Dr. Hauschka kajal eye pencil - Eye Definer Eye Definer
  • soft kajal eye pencil with applicator
  • for clear lines and soft blending>
  • nourishes the skin around the eyes
  • available in six natural colours
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What your kajal liner can do.

You can use a kajal pencil to line the rims of your eyelids (both above and below) or to trace the inner edge of the eyelid – known as the waterline. Applying kajal to the upper lash line optically thickens your lashes. A kajal-lined lid can look beautifully natural, particularly if you choose a brown shade. A nude tone, meanwhile, makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter.


Dr. Hauschka kajal liner in various shades.

The Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer comes in six natural shades: classic black, brown, blue, green, taupe and plum. So you are sure to find a Dr. Hauschka kajal liner to suit every eye colour. Pick a shade that contrasts with your eyes or one that matches your glasses frames, for example. Alternatively, opt for our Eye Definer nude: this light, skin-coloured tone makes eyes of every colour appear bigger and brighter. Every Dr. Hauschka kajal liner has two ends: a coloured pencil for precise lines and a smudging tool for softening the edges.


Certified natural cosmetics: kajal liners for sensitive eyes.

Kajal also comes in natural cosmetic quality. Every Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer contains mineral pigments, medicinal plant extracts, quince wax and shea butter, making this kajal liner also suitable for sensitive eyes. Our make-up products are designed to be gentle on your skin. For our kajal liner, we use extracts of black tea, witch hazel and – a true natural hero – anthyllis. Its balancing effect on the skin’s functions make anthyllis a key plant in Dr. Hauschka cosmetics.