Facial workouts

Beauty through facial workouts

When trying to tone their bodies, most people go to the gym. But how many people train their facial muscles? Their chin muscles, forehead muscles, lip area muscles, lower cheek muscles, eye area muscles or nose muscles? Not that we want to develop biceps on the tips of our noses! Instead, facial exercises refine our facial expressions and shape our facial features. Our face becomes more toned, the invigorated tissue is stronger and its natural activity stimulated, our worry lines are smoothened out. All in all, our facial skin simply feels different: fresher, healthier and with better circulation.

Sound good? Then get exercising!


Facial workouts are circuit training for the face

The Dr. Hauschka facial exercise book provides a 15-exercise programme. This can be obtained from any Dr. Hauschka esthetician, who will also gladly teach you the facial exercises. Click here for the addresses.


Knee bends for the forehead

A great beginner’s exercise into facial workouts to work your forehead area, which you should ideally try in front of a mirror: start by raising and then relaxing your forehead (1). Next, place both hands loosely on top of each other on your forehead and raise and relax it again (2). Your hands should move passively with your skin. Now keep your hands in the same position but use them to create resistance while raising your forehead. Keep the skin tensed for about five seconds then slowly relax (3). Repeat four times. Finally, use circular finger movements to loosen your forehead (4). Now close your eyes and savour the way your skin feels. This enjoyable sensation alone boosts your inner beauty.