Mature skin meets olives. # Forever young.

There are two things that go perfectly together: olives and mature skin. It is with this in mind that we have developed a brand-new skin care ingredient: an olive extract that offers your skin the full vitality found in olives. This is being used for the first time in Regenerating Intensive Night Serum – and has been extremely well received.

But why olives? 

If you talk to our medicinal herb gardener Joscha Huter about olive trees, he will tell you about their “amazing regenerative powers”. Or to be somewhat more specific, that “The olive tree can bear fruit every single year for over 1,000 years. It can even withstand forest fires and permafrosts. In both cases, it simply sprouts from its roots again. The olive tree doesn’t suffer from old age; it retains its regenerative strengths despite its gnarled wood.” Wow.


Moving on to the olives

Let’s look at the olives themselves! These are harvested by hand and transported fresh to our plant laboratory in Bad Boll, where they primarily arrive during Advent. We manually sort them, chop them up and press the entire fruits including the stones. And then? Annette Greco, Head of Development at Dr. Hauschka, grants us a look behind the scenes: “We use the pressed fruit to create an olive extract. Here in the laboratory, we generally work with oils or aqueous extracts, but the olive extract combines these two components, essentially preserving the best of both worlds and retaining the entire fullness and harmonious power of the olive. This is innovative and best suited to mature skin.”


Can mature skin actually learn from olives?

Definitely! The medicinal herb gardener and developer agree that it couldn’t find a better teacher. Annette Greco explains: “When developing our skin care, we start by looking at people and their needs before immediately turning our sights to nature. Which plant precisely serves the stage of life where mature skin occurs? We are also always interested in the topics that become more pressing at this point: the decline in life forces, but also the awakening of new mental/spiritual abilities. I see the olive tree as the perfect fit here: with its visibly aged trunk, from which new branches sprout time and again, and its silvery crown, from where the black fruits hang. 


What do olives and the skin have in common? 

For me, olives and the skin are a very special match. Both have components that contain water and fat. What is not surprising for the human skin is very rare in relation to fruit. Normally, plants form oil in their seeds while the surrounding fruit is aqueous. As the fruit of the oil tree, olives contain both, i.e. water and fat, in their flesh. As such, olives don’t separate, they unite.” 


How can this benefit your skin?

Your skin receives a good dose of vitality, is intensively supported in its night time regeneration and looks radiantly beautiful and revitalised when you wake up the next morning. In other words, it becomes forever young.


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