Systematic medical skin care for very dry skin and atopic dermatitis

Scientifically confirmed efficacy

The systematic medical skin care from Dr. Hauschka MED has been specially designed for and tested by people with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis. The results confirm that all products are superbly effective and even very well tolerated by young children.

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Clarifying facial toner for blemished, large-pored and oily skin Ice Plant Body Care Lotion
  • for very dry, flaky skin
  • basic daily care
  • reduces tautness
  • prevents itching
Content 195 ml
Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream Ice Plant Intensive Cream
  • for very dry, itchy skin
  • stabilising intensive skin care
  • alleviates itching
  • protects sensitive areas
Content 50 ml
Atopic dermatitis skin care: Dr. Hauschka MED Potentilla Soothing Cream Potentilla Soothing Cream
  • for irritated, itchy skin
  • localised acute skin care
  • alleviates itching
  • calms reddened skin
Content 20 ml
Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask sample size Ice Plant Hand Cream
  • for very dry, stressed skin
  • protective basic skin care
  • noticeably reduces skin dryness
  • prevents itching
Content 50 ml
Atopic dermatitis skin care: Dr. Hauschka MED Ice Plant Face Cream Ice Plant Face Cream
  • for very dry, flaky skin
  • basic daily skin care
  • relaxes skin and prevents itching
  • fortifies the skin’s barrier function
Content 40 ml
Further information

The right skin care for every phase

You are probably familiar with the shift between phases in which you and your skin are doing really well and phases characterised by extremely itchy, irritated skin. Based on this, our medical skin care takes a systematic approach – in harmony with the condition of your skin:

Basic skin care: strengthens and nourishes the dry, flaky skin every day – Ice Plant Face Cream, Ice Plant Body Care Lotion and Ice Plant Hand Cream
Intensive skin care: sustainably protects and stabilises when the dry skin becomes itchy – Ice Plant Intensive Cream
Acute skin care: alleviates itching and instantly soothes reddened, irritated, itchy skin – Potentilla Soothing Cream

If you are suffering from an acute episode of atopic dermatitis or are unsure about your skin condition, please consult a doctor.

Ice plant and potentilla

Which medicinal plants optimally support people with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis? On the basis of this question and in cooperation with renowned institutes, we determined the substances to be used in the Dr. Hauschka MED products. Two medicinal plants play a prominent role: ice plant and potentilla (tormentil). Whereas ice plant is an ideal model for very dry skin due to its ability to store moisture even in extremely dry periods, potentilla teaches about delimitation. It soothes reddened, irritated, itchy skin and restores its balance.

Unique manufacturing processes

Choosing the medicinal plants, oils and waxes is a key step in developing Dr. Hauschka MED products. This is followed by the choice of a manufacturing process that taps into and preserves the substances’ full strength. In the case of potentilla, we use gentle extraction. With ice plant, on the other hand, its optimum effect is unfurled in the form of freshly pressed juice. No matter how different the processes, we always maintain consistently high quality standards for each raw material and every finished product. The Dr. Hauschka MED systematic medical skin care range is developed in line with the latest scientific findings in collaboration with dermatologists, estheticians, test institutes and universities. Clinical tests have confirmed the excellent effectiveness and tolerability.