A self-care day in the life of Saskia Diez.

Saskia Diez is a Munich-based designer with her own label. Her handmade jewellery found success first in Japan, and eventually all around the world. How does she integrate beauty and self-care into her daily routine?

Minimalism and simplicity.

One of the best things for me about working with my Japanese clients is that their way of thinking corresponds very closely to my way of working. The Japanese understanding of design, aesthetics and quality is characterised by minimalism and simplicity. Of course, the youth culture is still very playful. Nevertheless, there is a strong preference for concentrating on particular things. I, too, like to focus on just one idea at a time rather than five different ones at once.


The beauty in understanding.

There are always reasons as to why one finds certain things beautiful or not. For me, beauty has a lot to do with an underlying coherence. Something that shines through a surface – and this can be very different every time. I think when you understand things or when you understand a person, this influences your perception of beauty a lot.


When work is meditation.

Those moments when I lose myself completely in a task are some of the most beautiful experiences in my job. Getting into the flow and forgetting yourself in the process is the goal of meditation: total immersion that causes your own physical boundaries to dissolve. Time and again, I see completely new things emerge from this state of immersion that are often very different to what I had initially conceived.


The search for beauty is my driving force.

I pour into my work and my work pours into me. I want to absorb things, really get into them and understand them. And in the end, a product is created – usually a piece of jewellery. It is finished when I realise: “I can’t take anything else away, and I don’t want to add anything more.” That is a very clear feeling.


Ageing is not a threat.

I like my skin. Obviously I notice certain things – things change, and not always in a good way. But I am happy with myself. Naturally, there are days when tiredness and exhaustion, for example, really get to me. Then, figuratively speaking, the skin becomes very thin and I feel sensitive. But I know that feeling of not wanting to look at yourself from past experience. And now, I derive a lot of happiness and satisfaction from my work, from friendships and from connections that are important to me.

A gentle start to the day.

The first thing I do after getting up is oil pulling with coconut oil for a good ten minutes. Meanwhile, I slowly wake up and think about the things that are important for that day. A slow and gentle start is important for me, as I’m not a natural early riser. I tend to my kids and once they are on their way to school, I do yoga and meditate. Only then do I start my bathroom routine.


Morning routine.

My morning routine is relatively short and involves my two favourite Dr. Hauschka products: Facial Toner and Revitalising Day Lotion (formerly Revitalising Day Cream). I really love the consistency of the lotion. In the colder months, I mix in a little Clarifying Day Oil if I feel like my skin needs it. I also have a serum that I like to use.


In my toiletries bag.

I don’t own a make-up bag and I hardly ever use make-up. If I feel like it or I know that I’m meeting someone in the evening, I apply some mascara. Just recently, I discovered Dr. Hauschka Sheer Lipstick No. 2 – but for the cheeks rather than the lips. It gives you a super fresh complexion and leaves you looking well-rested and fresh. That’s really the only make-up I use. Unless I’m being photographed – then I apply something to my skin.


Afternoon pick-me-up.

The biggest danger in the afternoon is that you lose focus and end up just muddling through the rest of the day. So a quick reset can be a good idea. When I’m in the office, we make a coffee, sit down together and look at things from a different perspective. When I’m working from home, I do a short yoga session or meditate. I also always have Facial Toner on hand for a refreshing pick-me-up on the go. The pleasant, pure smell helps to lift you out of the afternoon slump and almost transports you back to the morning


Evening ritual.

In the evening, I like to read, listen to music and drink soba tea or bamboo tea – both of which I discovered in Japan. Every now and then I take a bath. I’m a big fan of Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence. I also love body oils; my favourite is the one that smells of rose.

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