Relaxation for dry skin.
The ice plant


Dry skin that is prone to atopic dermatitis has forgotten how to maintain the moisture barrier that protects it against the outside world.


The ice plant as a model for dry skin

The exceptionally adaptable ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) has a high ability to bind moisture and therefore serves as a wonderful model for the skin. The moisture-binding substances contained in the ice plant give skin the impulse to retain moisture on its own, helping the skin rediscover its natural balance and protect itself against harmful external influences.


Natural moisturising factors are similar to those of healthy skin

To survive the long, dry periods of its native home of South Africa, the ice plant stores water in its juicy, fleshy leaves. In doing so, it draws in moisture from its surrounding environment and binds it with natural moisturising factor similar to that formed by healthy human skin.


Unlocking the power of the ice plant

Dr. Hauschka Med Basic and Intensive formulations tap into the intensive moisturising powers of the ice plant.

Dr. Hauschka Med products for dry skin and atopic dermatitis that contain ice plant


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