Power that works from within.
The tormentil plant (Potentilla officinalis)



Areas of skin prone to inflammation are the visible manifestation of an urge pushing from the inside out; an urge to break through the skin’s barrier.


Strengthening and form-giving impulses

Extract of tormentil (Potentilla officinalis) helps to shape and reinforce. Its soothing impact is both gentle and powerful, providing structuring impulses to return irritated and reddened skin to a state of equilibrium.


Full of character and natural healing powers

With a delicate and sprawling above-ground appearance, this medicinal plant concentrates all its power and strength underground in its reddish-brown rootstock, or rhizome. This underground stem is 25 percent tannins, which is what gives tormentil its astringent, anti-inflammatory properties.


Scientifically proven results

Dr. Hauschka Med was the first to conduct research into the use of tormentil on skin prone to atopic dermatitis. It then put the curative, anti-inflammatory properties of the rhizome extract to good use in its Acute Care Potentilla. Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this plant in caring for and soothing reddened, irritated and itchy skin.

A Dr. Hauschka Med product for dry skin and atopic dermatitis that contains tormentil


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