Changes to recipes

Why do you occasionally modify Dr. Hauschka product recipes?

Dr. Hauschka cosmetics are all made using carefully-crafted recipes that have often been successfully used for years. This means that some products have remained almost unchanged for decades. At the same time however, our understanding of the skin and natural substances is constantly developing and we do not want to rule out using new, interesting ingredients. On the other hand, raw materials that already exist on the market can sometimes change and no longer meet our high quality requirements. We also have to respond to changes to the legal requirements relating to cosmetic products.

As a result, slight modifications are occasionally made to a product’s recipe and declaration of contents/INCI. Changes to recipes at Dr. Hauschka are always used to maintain or further optimise their existing quality. The ingredients have never and will never be changed for cost reasons. Any changes to the recipe are always evident in the INCI declaration on the packaging.