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Whether during the day, at night, or at times when your skin needs special care: Dr. Hauschka facial care products support your skin with a special care concept.

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Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask - refining face mask - skin-toning mask Revitalising Mask
  • refreshes and tones
  • refines the complexion
  • suitable for use as after-sun care
  • for all skin conditions
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-up Remover Eye Make-up Remover
  • gently removes eye make-up
  • effective dual-phase composition
  • cares for the delicate skin around the eyes
  • for all skin conditions
Content 75 ml
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream Complexion Regenerating Day Cream Complexion
  • for mature skin
  • contains light-reflecting pigments
  • provides a radiant complexion
  • protects and nourishes
Content 40 ml
Tinted Day Cream - Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream - natural cosmetics Tinted Day Cream
  • for normal, dry and reddened skin
  • provides a natural glow
  • creates an even complexion
  • nourishes and protects
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Night Serum - Revitalising serum Night Serum
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • basic night care product
  • strengthens the skin
  • stimulates the skin’s renewal processes
Content 20 ml
Dr. Hauschka Coverstick Coverstick
  • for all skin conditions with impurities
  • clears impurities
  • reduces shine
  • available in 3 colours
Content 2 g
A cream to combat cold sores: Labimint Acute Lip Care Dr. Hauschka Labimint Acute Lip Care
  • for lips prone to cold sores
  • cools and regenerates
  • prevents inflammation
  • has a soothing effect
Content 5 ml
Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask - face care Firming Mask
  • enriches and activates
  • for noticeably smooth skin
  • creates a refined complexion
  • for dehydrated, dry skin
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm Eye Balm
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • deeply nourishes
  • protects against external influences
  • ideal for the winter months
Content 10 ml
Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics: Daily Hydrating Eye Cream Daily Hydrating Eye Cream
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • smooths and relaxes
  • retains moisture and refreshes
  • ideally supplements your usual day cream
Content 12,5 ml
Eye Revive - Dr. Hauschka refreshing compresses Eye Revive
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • soothes strained eyes
  • alleviates itching
  • tested by ophthalmologists
Content 50 ml
Soothing Mask - Dr. Hauschka face mask Soothing Mask
  • calms and relaxes
  • provides a stabilising impulse
  • a good deed for the skin
  • for sensitive, stressed skin
Content 30 ml
Further information

You and your skin.

You need different facial care products in summer than in winter? Your skin is sometimes thinner than usual? You’d like to understand your skin at every stage of life? For this purpose, we devise effective compositions that can help you stimulate your skin’s natural activity. When developing Dr. Hauschka facial care products, we don’t work with rigid skin types or even with categories, such as women’s or men’s cosmetics, but with changing skin conditions, so you’re bound to find the perfect product for you.

Facial care in line with the Dr. Hauschka concept.

The Dr. Hauschka facial care concept accompanies you around the clock and takes into account the fact that your skin’s role during the day is completely different to at night. During the day, it gets up close and personal with the world, but also acts as a protective barrier. At night, it directs its powers inwards to regenerate. Dr. Hauschka supports this rhythm with a unique facial skin care concept comprising three steps for the morning and evening: the first step is to cleanse your skin to open up the pores, the second is to tone it to boost its strength. The third step involves using protective daytime skin care products in the morning, or revitalising, oil-free night care products in the evening.


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