Foot care

Put a spring in your step.

Your feet are a duo that tirelessly support you every day of your life. The fact is, not only do your feet enjoy regular attention and pampering, but your entire well-being benefits from you taking good care of your feet.

A case for more foot care.

Are you more of a “foot care: it has to be done” person or a “foot care: I love it” person? This article offers you a chance to become the latter – if you’re not already, that is. Foot care has a lot going for it and nothing against it.


Healthy feet are beautiful feet.

Did you know? The skin on your feet has fewer sebaceous glands than other parts of your body and therefore dries out more easily. If cracks and fissures appear, not only is this a cosmetic issue but also an invitation for different pathogens to enter your body through your skin. By taking good care of your feet, you help to stabilise the skin’s natural barrier and provide your feet with a more effective defence mechanism. Happy, healthy feet require your love and attention, here are a few easy ways to prioritise your feet with self-care.

What you can do: give yourself a pedicure.

Foot care can be more than just cutting your nails. How about trying these three steps?

Step 1: remove hard skin
Hard skin is a useful protective layer that you shouldn’t really remove. However, anywhere that it bothers you or starts to crack, you can gently remove excess hard skin using a pumice stone or foot file. The best solution for dry skin.

Step 2: take care of your nails
Now it’s time to turn your attention to your toenails: keep them short so that the nail tip ends at the tip of your toe. The best time to cut your nails is after bathing your feet. You can also lightly push the cuticles back after bathing and then add a little Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil.

Step 3: moisturise your feet
To finish, you can apply our Hydrating Foot Cream to your feet and take the opportunity to give them a little massage. Night-time tip: apply our Hydrating Foot Cream to your feet, pop some socks on to make a foot mask and keep them on all night.


Make your own footbath: a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

More about footbaths. Not only is a footbath a great way to kick-start your foot care routine; it’s also a chance to find inner peace and put the spring back in your step. To make a footbath you simply need a bowl that is large enough to comfortably put both feet in the water. Then, of course, water (around 37 degrees – dip one foot in to see if the temperature’s right for you) and some bath essence. Then find a comfortable place to sit, a towel to dry off, and perhaps a blanket to put over your knees.

Tip 1: a footbath that will warm you through and through.
If you’re feeling a bit chilly when you get home, a footbath can soon warm you up. Bath products like Spruce Warming Bath Essence are specially designed for the colder seasons of the year. The fragrant Norway spruce essential oil in this bath will boost your circulation and clear your sinuses.

Tip 2: a footbath to refresh active feet.
A footbath to refresh active feet. If your feet sweat on warm days, after sport or during the menopause, you’ll be glad of a refreshing footbath. product. Sage Purifying Bath Essence is the perfect addition to your foot care routine. Follow it up with Deodorising Foot Cream, which is both a deodorant and moisturiser, and your feet will be fresh and pampered all round.

Why going barefoot is foot care.

Your feet love to be free. Let them be as often as you can. Going barefoot stimulates and strengthens your feet, allows them to breathe and boosts your circulation. You will especially appreciate how good it is to go barefoot after a day in tight walking shoes or an evening in high heels.

Feet and legs still feeling tired?

Your feet say it loud and clear when you need to slow down a bit. Put them up, pamper them and show them the care and attention they deserve with 100% natural highly nourishing products, Wellbeing starts, as you now know, with your feet.

Discover your 100% natural foot care routine.

Since 1967, we have been developing products that care for you from head to toe. They give your skin the boost it needs, supporting its everyday functions and restoring its natural balance.

All our products are certified 100% natural. Discover our Hydrating Foot Cream, Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil, Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic, and our bath essences and body oils to complete your nourishing foot care routine.


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