Sustainable cosmetic packaging

What does Dr. Hauschka do to design sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is a very complex matter, with each packaging made of this material having certain benefits but also its own particular drawbacks. For this reason, regardless of the formulation, with each product we weigh up which packaging is the most suitable and prioritise based on the same aspects: product protection, material savings, recyclability and proportion of recycled materials. We also take into account our customers’ user habits and the ability to fully empty the product containers.

The resources used to make glass, aluminium and conventional plastic are not infinite. For this reason it is important to limit the use of materials in packaging and advertising materials to the bare minimum. This is why we are working on using less and less materials.

Recycling individual materials of cosmetic packaging

With our Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products we count on our packaging being recycled. This means that the packaging must be designed in such a way that it is possible to recycle the individual materials. Only proper sorting enables the individual materials to be recycled and in turn ensure high-quality recycled materials. We encourage this by paying even more attention to the design of our packaging and advertising materials. To close the recycling cycle, reuse must follow recycling. For this reason we will increasingly be replacing materials made from new raw materials with recycled materials. By using such materials, like PCR plastics (PCR: Post Consumer Recycling – packaging that has already been used by consumers, among others), we are not only saving resources but we are also contributing actively towards climate protection. This is because recycling reduces the energy-intensive, environmentally-damaging exploitation and manufacturing of raw materials.