Folding boxes

Why does Dr. Hauschka use folding boxes?

  • Folding boxes help us in many ways. To start with, for us as a manufacturer they are important for communicating information that is required by law. They provide room for product information such as ingredients, instructions for use and manufacturer information. They also enable us to list the ingredients in German, as the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) alone has proven to be incomprehensible to our customers. If there is room on the product itself, as is the case of our large plastic tubes and bottles, where possible we are increasingly omitting the use of folding boxes.

  • However, this outer packaging is also especially important for product protection. It protects our glass, plastic and metal packaging during transport and storage and in point-of-sale displays from breakage, dirt, dents, scratches and solar irradiation. With the help of folding boxes we can guarantee the quality of our products, reduce complaints from points of sale and prevent products from being ruined.

  • Folding boxes are also essential in our production and logistics departments. They enable products to be packed in bundles and to be stacked more efficiently and safety during delivery. In this way we can avoid additional transport packaging for protecting the products during transport. Although at first the use of folding boxes seems to be difficult to understand, they help us to optimise the manufacturing process of many products, to organise our product logistics more efficiently and thus achieve greater resource efficiency and in turn environmental sustainability.

  • For printing we use mineral-oil-free inks made from renewable raw materials. Our folding boxes are made of pulp originating from sustainable forest management (FSC). Our package inserts are Blue-Angel-certified.