Care for what you love

The role of mindful touch in our skin care. And the effect that we have through our products.

Inner and outer peace, conscious attention, taking time: touch plays an important role for us. It also forms a special part of the training process to become a Dr. Hauschka esthetician. Our estheticians are masters in using the fine art of touch to make people feel comfortable, secure and able to open up.

One of these estheticians is Yvonne Despang. In her Dresden studio Samt & Seide, every Dr. Hauschka treatment is “a conversation consisting of very fine vibrations, a kind of communication between my hands and the person’s body. I pick up energies and send them back again. Sometimes, my breathing even syncs up with that of the other person. It’s incredible that my hands can feel so much through touch.

Where is the person tense? Can they let go? I also pay attention to the skin, of course. Does it absorb the care well? Does it change temperature? Colour? Each body reacts differently – it is very much a living process and the care that I apply responds accordingly. Everyone who comes to see me should enjoy this precious time. My own energy and connection to the person also plays a role here. Do I feel good? Can I relate to the person? Before each treatment, I take a moment to breathe deeply. My head needs to be clear so that I can really engage with the other person.”

What Yvonne particularly likes about Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is its holistic approach. “Each product is unique and I can feel how much love has gone into composing these formulations – I believe I can even feel the care and attention that goes into tending the medicinal herb garden in Bad Boll. As an expert in touch, it is important to me that a product is very gentle on the skin. Dr. Hauschka treats the skin with the utmost care, giving it lots of good things to help the skin help itself. Thanks to the diversity of the range, I can also respond to the needs of everyone’s skin individually. And then there are the wonderful fragrances, of course! When someone comes to me stressed, I use calming lavender as a foot bath, for example. Things like this can turn a treatment into a mini holiday.” Yvonne’s recommendation? Self-care! “Look after yourself and your skin. Treat yourself to regular self-care rituals. You can also think of this from a broader perspective: take care of all the things that are close to your heart, including the flowers by the road side. When we live with this mindfulness, we connect to the positive energy that we also feel from the plants that grow in the medicinal herb garden in Bad Boll. For me, this closes a circle – and I think that’s wonderful.”

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