Make-up for mature skin

Even more beautiful by the day.

Because you know yourself. Because you can embrace your flaws and enhance your features. With and without make-up. On that note, here are our top make-up tips for mature skin.

What you can expect from make-up for mature skin.

Make-up for mature skin may not be able to work miracles but it can masterfully accentuate what makes you feel most beautiful – whether it's your eyes, your cheeks or your lips. You know best which areas you would like to show off and those you would rather conceal. Good make-up for mature skin can do both, confidently highlighting the areas you love and elegantly drawing attention away from others.


Make-up for mature skin must excel at this task.

All make-up for mature skin over 40 must address the issue of wrinkles. These might be joined later by age spots and perhaps redness, as capillaries can be seen through thinner skin. Make-up for mature skin over 50 should therefore conceal these aspects, without weighing down skin or emphasising wrinkles wherever possible. Foundation for mature skin over 60 should be very gentle, light and preferably a liquid rather than powder. What else? Your make-up for mature skin should also add volume and luminosity to make brows and lashes appear fuller and give your eyes and complexion a beautiful glow.


Why high-quality skin care is so important.

The condition of your skin changes with age. Good make-up for mature skin should acknowledge this by offering the appropriate care. Let your make-up shine by applying high-quality daytime skin care as a base: a light and hydrating or regulating face cream, as well as a special cream for the particularly delicate eye area. And because your skin will not just become dryer and thinner but also more sensitive, your skin care should be well tolerated and offer effective protection against environmental influences.


Make-up for mature skin: less is more.

Mature skin doesn't need a lot to look its best. Thankfully, less is certainly more. A pigmented day cream or foundation, a touch of concealer, some mascara and a pop of lipstick provide the perfect base. An eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, kajal liner and blusher can enhance your look even more. Your skin will love make-up with refreshing, gentle, creamy textures and high-quality ingredients. Well-matched shades and soft blending will only flatter it further.


Can you actually conceal wrinkles?

A little. You can draw attention away from your wrinkles with light-reflecting products that give skin a beautiful glow. A concealer that's a shade lighter than your foundation also makes wrinkles appear finer. But be careful: if make-up for mature skin is too heavy or applied too thickly, it can seep into wrinkles and emphasise them. That's why you should choose a light, liquid foundation for mature skin and apply it as sparingly as possible. For more coverage, you can then add some powder. As a general rule, addressing your fine lines and wrinkles with confidence should be a vital part of your make-up routine.


What order makes your make-up for mature skin flawless?

1. Day cream: apply to cleansed skin and let it absorb fully.
2.  Foundation: for mature skin, choose a light, creamy product and apply sparingly with fingers, a brush or a sponge.
3. Concealer: cover dark circles, redness and age spots.
4 Eye make-up: shape eyebrows, apply eyeshadow and kajal if you feel like it and add volume to lashes – mascara enhances your eyes at any age.
5. Lipstick: define your lips with a lip liner, then apply your lipstick. You can top it with a lip care product if you like.

Finally, check yourself out in the mirror and prepare yourself for compliments.


Your make-up for mature skin – our top tips.

You know yourself and your skin. But do you know our make-up tips to give mature skin the radiance it deserves?

1. Combine skin care and foundation.
See if the coverage of a day cream with bronzing or light-reflecting pigments is enough for you. Alternatively, mix together a cream and foundation for mature skin to conceal light pigmentation and slight redness naturally. Light make-up is ideal for mature skin.

2. With tinted make-up, go for light shades.
Choose foundation and concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone for a fresher look. A soft brown is also usually more flattering than a harsh black for eyebrows and lashes.

3. Give lip service.
A lip liner can give your lips the wow factor. It also makes sure your striking lipstick stays on your lips, instead of seeping into the fine lines between your upper lip and nose.

4. Choose just one focal point.
We recommend emphasising either your eyes or your lips. Of course, you can change the focal point from day to day depending on your mood and the occasion.

5. SOS: look fresh in an instant.
What if you've only got a few minutes? Then choose a light-reflecting concealer, a highlighter and a mascara.


Make-up for mature skin – extra nourishment with skin care from Dr. Hauschka.

For decades, Dr. Hauschka's natural skin care has proven that make-up for mature skin and skin care can be combined. It contains carefully selected medicinal plant extracts, high-quality oils and waxes to protect the skin and retain moisture. The entire Dr. Hauschka Make-up range consists of 100% natural skin care and is even suitable for mature skin that is becoming more sensitive. Combining make-up for mature skin with our skin care products for mature skin is the magic formula. You can choose from two ranges. The Dr. Hauschka Regenerating range supports the self-renewal of your ever-active skin, gives it revitalising stimuli, regulates its moisture, leaves it feeling smooth and offers the exact care your skin over 40 craves. The Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive range goes a step further to protect and strengthen resilience, firm your skin, deeply nourish and is the perfect companion for skin over 50.


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