Nurturing plants

Enjoy the sun with the power of plants.

Nature is full of expert knowledge when it comes to dealing with the sun. For our Sun Care range, we combine apricot, prickly pear, calendula, anthyllis and botanical oils in medicinal plant formulations that provide fivefold effective care. In doing so, we are drawing on the talents of some true sun specialists.

Juicy, soft and sweet fruits, growing lush and in abundance even when the sun is scorching and the soil is barren and dry – we are passionate about and inspired by the power of plants. It stands to reason, therefore, that for our Sun Care range we would turn once again to the most qualified expert we know: nature. Plants like the apricot and the prickly pear live in harmony with the sun; they stay calm and serene even in extreme conditions, where they thrive luxuriously, bountifully and beautifully. We draw on these talents for our Sun Care products. Because we believe in natural protection and care.


Feeling and understanding the garden.

Those who dig in the earth with both hands understand the essence of plants. Those who take in the colours, blossoms, roots and textures, who follow the rhythm of nature. One of these people is Joscha Huter, a gardener at WALA’s medicinal herb garden. Huter knows that the apricot is one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. Apricot trees stood in northern China more than 4,000 years ago and travelled along the Silk Road from Syria via Turkey to Europe. Heat is no problem for the apricot. “The apricot transforms light into warmth,” explains Huter. “Anyone who stands under an apricot tree experiences this warmth and sweetness directly.”



The apricot is a generous tree. It does not hide its fruit under a hard shell like the almond tree, for example. Instead, it catches the light, basks in the sun, and stretches its fruit towards it: downy, round and plump. The fruits turn pink, but not through sun damage – quite the opposite: they only get riper and more fragrant. “The apricot transforms warmth into healthy sweetness and colour,” says Huter.

We love the apricot’s vitality and balance, as well as its ability to simultaneously retain and give moisture. In our Sun Care range, the golden-yellow pulp of Italian apricots passes these qualities on to your skin, strengthening its own powers when you go out in the sun.


An oasis in the desert.

The prickly pear is also a real superstar in dealing with the sun. It has cleverly adapted to life in deserts and steppes, developing properties that allow it to flourish even in inhospitable conditions. Joscha Huter explains how some of these tricks work: “The leaves of the prickly pear have modified into spines over time, and the plant traps moisture under the waxy layer of its shoots. Gas exchange only takes place at night when the prickly pear can absorb moisture from the cooler air. This makes the plant excellent at storing water. Every shoot, flower and fruit can form roots. It’s like a spring drawing from itself.”

The prickly pear used in our Sun Care range comes from Sicily and Tunisia. Its rich powers allow you to enjoy the sun in a relaxed way: extracts from the fresh plant protect your skin from dehydration, counteract sunburn, and stimulate regenerative processes. In addition, the vibrant pigments in prickly pear help prevent light-induced skin ageing. Nevertheless, we still recommend taking a responsible approach to the sun.


The power of five.

The formulations of our Sun Care products are rounded off with valuable extracts of calendula and anthyllis grown in our own medicinal herb garden. Their balancing properties not only make them important ingredients in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products, but also help to soothe sun-stressed skin. Together with high-quality botanical oils, this fivefold medicinal plant formulation effectively strengthens the skin’s own moisture balance while providing pampering care. Enjoy the plants, enjoy the sun!

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