Natural cosmetics without microplastics

Do Dr. Hauschka skin care products contain microplastics?

As a manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics, we neither use solid microplastics nor liquid plastics as ingredients in our Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products.
In conventional cosmetics, solid microbeads (e.g. made of polyethylene) are for example used as abrasives in toothpaste or skin peeling. Liquid components (e.g. acrylates polymers) can often be found in make-up products (e.g. mascara) to improve the rheology of the products. For the Dr. Hauschka Med Toothpastes we use kaolin (white clay) and silica as mineral abrasives, as well as natural waxes and oils for the make-up products instead



Cleaning without microplastics: Toothpaste from Dr. Hauschka


Dr. Hauschka Make-up without microplastics: a selection


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care without microplastics: a selection