The red-lip look (or any colour of your choice)

Read My Lips: make a bold statement.

A (usually) bright red lip is the centre of attention in this look. Colour is the name of the game – experiment and have fun. Our Lipsticks not only leave your lips full of colour, but also well nourished. And they can even be used to add a touch of colour to the cheeks.



Why choose the Read My Lips look.

A bold, colourful lip can signal self-confidence or sensuality – both of which look good on you. By the way, this look is not only for those with naturally full lips. With the right make-up, you can create full lips from scratch. For every day and every occasion.



Products required for the Read My Lips look
Dr. Hauschka Make-up Concealer natural cosmetics
  • covers and conceals
  • precise application
  • ideal for minor corrections
  • in 2 natural skin tones
Content 2,5 ml
Dr. Hauschka Foundation 01 macadamia
  • provides light to medium coverage
  • nourishes and protects the skin
  • contains medicinal plant extracts and mineral pigments
  • in 8 natural skin tones
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Compact Powder
Compact Powder
  • naturally reduces shine
  • evens the complexion
  • ideal for touch-ups
  • in one natural skin tone
Content 8 g
Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream 30 ml
Tinted Day Cream
  • for normal, dry and reddened skin
  • provides a natural glow
  • creates an even complexion
  • nourishes and protects
Content 30 ml
Natural formula - eyeliner for precise lines
Liquid Eyeliner
  • easy application
  • comes with an extra fine brush
  • long hold
  • available in one colour
Content 4 ml
Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara 01 black
Volume Mascara
  • thickens the eyelashes
  • nourishes the eyelashes
  • ophthalmologically tested
  • available in two colours
Content 8 ml
Dr. Hauschka Lipstick 02 mandevilla 
  • provides intense colour and a soft sheen
  • nourishes the lips
  • contains mineral pigments
  • available in 10 colours
Content 4,1 g
Transparent lip liner - Dr. Hauschka Lip Line Definer
Lip Line Definer
  • glides on smoothly
  • prevents lipstick from bleeding
  • nourishes and fixes
  • transparent
Content 1,14 g


How to achieve the Read My Lips look.

To make sure your lips really shine, start by setting the stage. Even out your complexion and add some drama to the eyes. Red lips pair well with full lashes or beautiful sweeping eyeliner. Then it’s time for the main event: adding colour to the lips. One lipstick is enough to create naturally full lips. Use a Dr. Hauschka Lipstick on its own or combine it with the transparent Lip Line Definer for particularly precise application.


Get the look:

1. Nourishing base: The right daytime skin care for your skin condition
2. Complexion: Concealer, Foundation and Powder – or simply use our Tinted Day Cream
3. Liquid Eyeliner: Apply from the inside out
4. Volume Mascara: Apply heavily to the upper lashes
5. Lips: Apply your chosen Lipstick on its own or pair with the Lip Line Definer
6. Cheeks: Dab some of the same lipstick onto the cheeks as blusher




First apply care, then apply colour.

Well-nourished lips are the basis for all lip make-up. Fortunately, our Lipsticks provide both: they contain high-quality oils and waxes and therefore care for your lips while adding colour. If your lips need a little more nourishment, you can start with our Lip Care Stick or Lip Balm before applying your Lipstick of choice. And for those who want a glossy finish, dab a little Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm on top of the colour.



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