Dr. Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner Powerful stimuli.

Spring is here – it's time to revive your skin! Our ampoule treatments provide an extra dose of strength and stimuli to promote effective regeneration. Used over a 28-day period, these highly concentrated medicinal plant formulations accompany your skin through one full cycle of cell renewal – stimulating its own, natural processes for results that you can see and feel.

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Dr. Hauschka Mother's Day From nature with love.

For Mother’s Day or just because: Give the best that nature has to offer with our spring-themed natural cosmetics. Colourful gift boxes with a floral design are the perfect packaging to show just how much nature is in every Dr. Hauschka product.

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Dr. Hauschka High Spirits Uplifting looks.

Extroverted pink meets cheerful coral and harmonious green: our new Make-up Limited Edition High Spirits spreads pure joie de vivre! Eye Crayon Duos and Lip Crayons make bold statements in vibrant colours, while the Bronzing Glow Powder creates shimmering accents. Enjoy experimenting with looks to lift your mood – colourful, varied and uncomplicated.

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Dr. Hauschka Kosmos

How does the Dr. Hauschka regeneration series work?

Skin ageing is a completely natural process. And it can’t be stopped. But, a care product that supports the skin’s natural activities can slow it down. No care product can reverse the skin’s ageing process, so we don’t talk about anti-ageing products. Be ready to take on the day with the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care series that gives mature, demanding skin the support it needs for more vitality.

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