Vegan Skin Care

Are Dr. Hauschka products vegan?

The ingredients of the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care are mainly of vegetable origin. Glycerol, stearic acid or other fatty ingredients are also obtained only from plant materials. Still, Dr. Hauschka does not have 100% vegan cosmetics. Some Dr. Hauschka products contain ingredients originate from animal kingdom, like:

  • beeswax, propolis wax, honey
  • milk sugar
  • silk powder
  • lanolin
  • carmine



Dr. Hauschka Vegan Facial Care

Why isn’t our entire skin care range vegan?

Our cosmetics are not always vegan as they deliberately use ingredients from all kingdoms of nature. For example, beeswax is a valuable substance for natural cosmetics. A gift from nature, which we use with the utmost care. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are solely made from organic beeswax sourced from ecological beekeeping practices in Germany. The producers are subject to the strict regulations established by Demeter or Bioland, associations for biodynamic and organic farming, respectively.

Depending on the skin care effect and the skin’s needs, we decide whether or not to use animal raw materials for each individual product. In doing this, we are aware that whenever we take something from nature, we are responsible for the environment and the quality of the substance we have taken away. 


Dr. Hauschka Vegan Body Care

Dr. Hauschka Shampoo – silicone-free, cleanses and moisturises really gently
Shampoo 150 ml
Content 150 ml


Dr. Hauschka Vegan Make-up


Dr. Hauschka Vegan Medical Care

Which Dr. Hauschka products are vegan?

If you are looking for vegan products for yourself or your loved ones, you will find a wide range of suitable products at Dr. Hauschka. Among them are vegan Shampoo, day cream, toothpaste and many more.
You can find the complete list of our vegan products here.

Vegan products are labelled as such on the respective product pages, under the section “Quality”. You can also filter for vegan products on the product overview pages.



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