Discover Dr. Hauschka

This summer, our Airstream Trailer will be leaving a trail of wellbeing in its wake. Having breathed new life into this traditional campervan, we are now taking it on a Dr. Hauschka European tour. Full of effective cosmetics and nourishing make-up, it will be making appearances at summer festivals, art exhibitions and fashion fairs all over Europe. Check out our trailer and experience the Dr. Hauschka feeling – from Milan to Copenhagen and Hamburg to Vienna.




09. - 11. April

Milan (during Salone del Mobile)

26. - 28. April

Berlin (during Gallery Weekend)

10. - 12. May

Amsterdam (at Happinez Festival)

01. - 02. June

Paris (at We Love Green Festival)

13. - 15. June

Basel (at Design Miami Basel)

02. - 04. July

Berlin (during Fashion Week)

25. - 27. July

Vienna (during ImPulsTanz Festival)

01. - 04. August

Hamburg (during Summer´s Tale Festival)

07. - 09. August

Copenhagen (during Fashion Week)